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The Road to K-1 Dynamite! begins

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The Road to K-1 Dynamite! begins Empty The Road to K-1 Dynamite! begins

Post by Viva las Fletch 28/9/2010, 4:09 pm

September 26, 2010 - Nagoya, Japan - All but one of the winners at DREAM.16, press, and close to 100 fans crammed into the CBC Studios today to hear what the fighters had to say about their bouts.
Not unusually, most of the fighters weren’t wallowing in their recent victories, but were already looking towards their next bout. In fact, the current Lightweight Champion, Shinya Aoki summed up what I suspect many were feeling when he said, “My mind is already set on next fight so I want to hurry up and return home to train.”

There was more discussion about the Featherweight division than any other though. Michihiro Omigawa took the chance to reiterate, “The featherweight class revolves around me!”

Of course there were several other fighters in the same class as he that won their bouts last night too. Today however, Hiroyuki Takaya decided against proclaiming to be the one to beat as he did in the ring last night. When handed the microphone he said, “My opponent was suddenly changed so I was worried something bad might happen. I managed to win with a knockout though thankfully. Next time hopefully I will fight for the title.”

When Kazuyuki Miyata was asked how he felt about the title picture, he answered rather honestly, “I am winning, but the content of each fight hasn’t been the best. I don’t think I deserve to talk about title fights just yet. I will just continue to try to keep building on my winning streak.”

When Events Producer Keiichi Sasahara was asked about the next title match of the division, he stated, “Well, Bibiani is actually not injured. This time he didn’t fight due to family reasons. I am not sure if he will be able to fight at DYNAMITE or if it will be early next year.” Know that neither Takaya nor Omigawa would want to wait that long, local press asked him if he was thinking to hold a rematch between the two at DYNAMITE. Sasahara looked slightly uncomfortable, but said that while it was an option, he needed to talk with all three parties involved before he could decide on such a fight.

Sasahara also went on to confirm the changed in the division coming soon. “Next year we will divide the current featherweight division into both featherweights and bantamweights. I am sure there are some fighters here that wish to fight in one or the other. We will discuss it with the fighters and make the final decision soon. There are so many potentially great match ups in these classes. They are both very deep with Japanese talent, and we would like to get some more strong foreign fighters like Joachim Hansen in the mix,” he said.

The newly crowned Light Heavyweight Champion, Gegard Mousasi was in attendance too. He kept it simple with, “Thanks for coming, I appreciate your support. I hope you continue to support DREAM.” When asked about his future plans he offered a little more information. “I think I want to prove myself in the US, so I want to fight for the Strikeforce belt. Of course I want to keep the DREAM belt for a long time too. I want to be a champion in both Japan and in the US. In the distant future, I want to move to heavyweight.”

As a nice bonus for the fans for attending, they were allowed to form a single line and shake the hands of each and every fighter. One lady took the opportunity to give Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Joachim “Hellboy” Hansen a cheeky hug on her way through. Additionally, there was time for a group photo

If the reaction in the arena and from the fans that came by to see their favorites today is any indication, DREAM once again delivered. No doubt DYNAMITE will take things to the next level, and DREAM in 2011 will keep it there. Keep checking back here regularly for updates and news, as there is no information more accurate and up-to-date.

(From K-1 website)

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