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Travelling to Japan to watch JMMA - information & links

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Travelling to Japan to watch JMMA - information & links Empty Travelling to Japan to watch JMMA - information & links

Post by Viva las Fletch 1/10/2010, 1:34 am

*Thanks to Borre of japan-mma*

If you are going to watch Dream/K-1 or Dynamite, call your hotel & ask them to put the tickets on your hotel bill. Otherwise, you can go directly to the arena e.g. Saitama Super Arena, or purchase them online.

If you are in Tokyo & wish to see one of the smaller shows, go to the KORAKUEN HALL to buy tickets directly. You will be able to pick your seats using a seating chart from the seats still available. From japan-mma - "It is in the Tokyo Dome area , in the 'Blue Building' take the elevator to the 5th floor, when you get off the elevator go right. There is a counter there and they have people speaking English too!"

Japan-MMA wrote:Some useful links when travelling to Japan:

-Tokyo Train map: Train Map
-Japan Train guide (type the stations and you will get directions):
-Japan Train Route finder by Jorudan

-Gym Guide: Japan-MMA Gym Guide Its a while ago I made it, but should still be ok. Might need to make some additions to it though.
-How to get to Differ Ariake/Ariake Colosseum: Getting there: Differ Ariake

Just for inspiration, a picture I took from Haneda Airport:

Travelling to Japan to watch JMMA - information & links 3190027229_7359b5ab1c

Use this thread to ask questions about going to Japan to watch some JMMA.... hopefully one of our Japanese users can help you with any information you might need to know.

There is also a moderator of this forum that lives in Japan, he may be a source of advice and knowledge.... I'll let you work out who I mean RPM


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