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How did you start watching K-1?

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How did you start watching K-1? Empty How did you start watching K-1?

Post by Viva las Fletch 19/8/2010, 7:49 pm

My pendulum swung between boxing and MMA from 2002-2009.... I ditched MMA (so I thought) after Ken Shamrock retired (again) in 2006 after 2 more unneccessary losses to Tito, and then Pride folded half a year later.... after becoming disillusioned with boxing, I got back into MMA in a MAJOR way at the start of 2009.

K-1 was completely by accident, though. Watching fighter highlights on youtube, and the curiousity over where Mirko CroCop came from when he defected to MMA and kicked people in the face on a regular basis! I wondered what sort of org would house such savage strikers, slowly got into K-1, and I now feel that it is one of the most exciting forms of combat sport.

I will always remember gasping at moments such as Hari's vengeance against Blitz, and his stupidity in the 2008 finals... not to mention his fight with Semmy a year later, during Schilt's run through the tournament in 5:53!

What about you guys?

Viva las Fletch
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